Richard M. Prinzi,Jr.

Certified Public Accountant

Richard M. Prinzi, Jr. Ltd. is a boutique firm specializing in management consulting and business and self-employed individual tax compliance. Owner Richard M. Prinzi, Jr. CPA has over 25 years of specialized experience with financial services, retail, logistics transportation, real estate and entertainment. He works personally with an exclusive group of clients and provides support and CEO services to the following entities:

Professional Tax Alliance, Ltd. is a full service accounting firm specializing in self-employed and business owners. Provides individual tax services to a vast array of clients in several industries. Firm focus is in Manhattan, New Jersey and Connecticut.

VeeCee Bookkeeping Services, Ltd. Bookkeeping services are the start to good tax planning, financial control and budgeting. VeeCee works directly with business owners to develop strategies to provide efficient and effective reporting to support Management decision making and tax consulting and compliance. Well known firm in Nevada and Arizona working in concert with many local tax professionals to assist their clients in achieving the goals set for their business while allowing proper tax compliance. Vee Cee is currently expanding its West Coast Success to the East Coast through its relationship with Richard M. Prinzi, Jr, Ltd.

Actor’s Taxes, Ltd. is a second generation tax preparation firm specializing in Actors and other professionals in the entertainment business. Actors taxes has a concentration in the New York and Los Angeles market.

F-Sharp Tax Management, Ltd. specialize in servicing the self employed professionals in the music and performance industry.

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